Used Satin Panties for Sale.

Here is the list of my used satin panties for sale. You can hold them, smell them to worship and cherish! I wear any of panties you buy for 24, 48 or 72 hours as you wish. My used panties are vacuum sealed so they taste like you've just slipped them off me! You can also ask me to take the extra photos in my worn pink satin panties you wish to buy. It costs a bit more (+ $10 extra) but you can see I am the real deal girl and they are worn by me.

Special requests with order (just ask me): cum in panties, pee scented, ass funk, strong or light smell, wet panties, or more pictures wearing these panties.

You can browse my personal website to see other worn panties I sell as well as other used lingerie.

Click a thumb to see MORE photos of my other used panites.

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